Russia has threatened nuclear war perhaps 6 or 7 times in the past week. Are the threats serious, and why is Russia making them?
Is Elon Musk grooming Twitter to be the Fox News of the Internet?
Donald Trump had dinner this week with Kanye West, and Kanye’s guest, Nick Fuentes, one of the most vile white supremacists in America.
The Tesla and SpaceX CEO seems to have finally met his match with Twitter, a company he recently took over, and now seems ready to run into the ground.
Vladimir Putin is doing his best to convince the West that unless Ukraine concedes, the nukes will come-a-flyin'. He's bluffing. Here's why.
Anti-government protests grow in Russia and Iran.
Trump & the GOP are going ballistic in order to convince Merrick Garland NOT to indict. And it may work.
A Republican emailed me, angry that I called out the GOP for their ongoing embrace of the Insurrection. Here's his email, and my reply.
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