Once the domain of teens, the geezers have taken over TikTok, and are doing some pretty cool things to make a difference in the world.
Whether in Ukraine, or at home, don't assume you've lost, simply because the odds aren't in your favor.
A survivor from Mariupol, Ukraine tells of his escape, and how Russian soldiers are kidnapping his fellow citizens en masse.
If engaging Russia militarily will per se lead to the end of the world, then why would we ever intervene to stop Putin anywhere, even against a NATO…
Russian trolls reported my news updates en masse, and Tiktok banned me from future LIVE broadcasts as a result.
The latest news from UkraineWatch now (81 min) | I posted a long video summary of the latest news on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and took questions from the TikTok audience about…
Russian President Putin claims he invaded Ukraine to "stop the Nazis," when the actual Nazis were in Russia, being protected by Putin himself.
Fox News last night openly defended Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, while blaming the US. It was a sickening act of betrayal, brought to you by…
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CyberDisobedience - by John Aravosis