“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

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Why CyberDisobedience?

“Cyber-disobedience” is a term I coined back in 1995 to describe a crazy idea I had to take activism online. For 25 years since then, I’ve been using the Internet to push progressive values by using the power of the people to force companies and governments to do the right thing. This newsletter will do the same.

Who am I, and why am I here?

CyberDisobedience is written by me, John Aravosis, a longtime LGBT activist, writer (the Economist), blogger (AMERICAblog), and podcaster (UnPresidented). I’ve worked in US and international politics, from the halls of Congress to the United Nations, for nearly three decades, and have been radicalized by the Trump years. Not radicalized in terms of policy — I’ve long been a progressive — but rather, in terms of strategy.

Republicans have shown that even without a mandate (Hillary got nearly three million more votes than Trump), you can get a lot done through force of will. Democrats need to be bolder, smarter, and more aggressive, particularly in today’s political climate. And it’s our job to make sure they are.

I see a multi-fold interest for my newsletter:

  1. Helping Joe Biden be all that he can be. Sometimes that means supporting Biden’s efforts, other times it means prodding him to be even better.

  2. Doing all we can to thwart Mitch McConnell & the Republicans. Moscow Mitch isn’t going to suddenly become everyone’s favorite uncle just because Biden has a history of bipartisanship. If anything, I expect McConnell to be even worse now that a Democrat holds the presidency. And even in the minority, there’s a lot of damage McConnell can do.

  3. Keeping a watchful on Donald Trump & Trumpism. Trump isn’t going away. Whether he runs again in 2024, or not, Trump will refuse to yield the presidential limelight to Biden, and more generally, to give up control of the Republican party and its deplorables. Helping Biden be successful, and thwarting Mitch, must include keeping tabs on the worst president ever. Particularly now that Trump is also responsible for a growing domestic terrorist army.

(That’s Sasha the wonderdog, below.)

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