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Bravo John!

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Just saw this tweet:

Carrie (don't take me to prom)

and Shannyn Moore liked


The Halfway Post



BREAKING: Putin, who once

claimed Russia has no gays,

is furious to find out that

the Ukrainian military is

tracking Russian troop

movements by monitoring


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This information is so sickening I feel ill. You do not enter into a discussion with Nazis. You don't even "just" punch them in the head. You take them out. How someone could laughingly do such things to fellow human beings is beyond me.

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Thanks for this powerful report.

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Hear hear! Says it all.

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I can see why you might not like YouTube if they are allowing such horrible videos!

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Attributes of Nazi ideology manifested by Putin and the Kremlin:

1. Intense nationalism

2. Mass appeal

3. Dictatorial rule

4. Anti-intellectual and atheoretical

5. Severe curtailments on freedom of speech

5. A single authorised news source disseminating state propaganda

6. Criminalisation, scapegoating and persecution of vulnerable minorities, like LGBT+ people and Jews

7. Rhetoric prone to aggrandisement, mendacity, deflection, logical fallacy

8. Emphasizing the will of the charismatic dictator as the sole source of inspiration of a people and a nation, as well as a vision of annihilation of all enemies of the state.

Putin is a crime-boss, mass-murderer, arsonist, kleptomanic who understands force and force alone. He does not respect or honour agreements of any kind. If you make an agreement with him, he will eventually break it, and blame you.

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