Jan 19 • 14M

Yes, the Republicans ARE plotting a coup

The Wall Street Journal claims that we don't have to pass election reform legislation preventing a coup because, get this, the coup hasn't succeeded yet!

John Aravosis
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Chronicling the aftermath of the 2020 election, and ensuring that Democrats win while Republicans are kept in check over the coming years.
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I got a call from a cousin of mine this morning, asking about a Wall Street Journal editorial claiming that there’s no reason to pass voting rights legislation because, the Journal claims, Democrats are lying about GOP efforts to execute a coup during the next presidential election.

The WSJ, you’ll be surprised to hear, is the one lying. And, in fact, their editorial proves the need for legislation to stop the GOP from stealing the presidency in 2024.

Rather than write out the rest of my thesis, I decided to record it as a short 15-minute podcast, that you can listen to above.



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In other news

Free Covid tests from the US Government

Go to CovidTests.gov and order them now. Four per household.

Free N-95 masks starting next week

President Biden has ordered 400,000,000 N-95 masks from the US strategic stockpile be provided to pharmacies and community health centers around the country, so that they can be given out for free to you and me. No word yet on how many per person — I assume one — or how pharmacies are going to limit the number. But it’s a good start.

Tucker Carlson continues to do Putin’s bidding

Oh, and he’s lying. Ukraine is not under NATO’s control.

Trump accused of fraud

New York’s attorney general says she’s uncovered “significant evidence indicating that the Trump Organization used fraudulent and misleading asset valuations on multiple properties to obtain economic benefits, including loans, insurance coverage, and tax deductions for years.”

Gorsuch is an awful human being

NPR reports that Chief Justice John Roberts asked all the justices to wear masks, during recent in-person oral arguments, in order to protect Justice Sotomayor, who has diabetes, from the very real risk of dying should she catch Covid. Gorsuch refused. So Sotomayor has been forced to beam in remotely, in order to protect her life. Someone should ask Roberts why Gorsuch isn’t being required to beam in remotely.

Oh, update! Gorsuch and Sotomayor released a statement that only makes things worse:

Matt Gaetz’s ex-gf granted immunity

The ex-girlfriend of GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, under FBI investigation for possible child sex trafficking and obstruction, was just granted immunity from prosecution in exchange for her grand jury testimony. Ruh roh.

Mr. Meghan McCain no longer wants to visit Australia

They’re all such snowflakes. As Molly Jong-Fast tweeted, imagine caring this much about another country’s vaccine protocols.

Thanks as always for reading. Let me close with a neat photo of Martin Luther King riding a bike.